Brick Award 18

The Symposium: Future-oriented Architecture

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Brick Award 18 Symposium, key note speaker Astrid Piber and moderation Corinna Milborn on stage
Brick Award 18 Symposium, key note speaker Astrid Piber, UNStudio
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How can we combine traditional materials and new technologies, to plan and construct buildings that are fit for the challenges of the future?

Throughout history, architecture has acted as a physical manifestation of cultural and commercial shifts. Climate change, a growing world population, changing mobility paterns, digitalization and increasing urbanization are among them.

Future oriented architecture must be able to respond to these arising needs of human living.

However there won´t be a single solution that can be applied everywhere. Tailor-made solutions are the key and those need building materials with a wide range of capabilities. That is one of the reasons why ceramic building materials always rank in one of the top choices. Versatility, durability, sustainability in combination with a vast creative potential is what makes them ideally suited to support the buildings of the future.

Every architect has its own approach how to deal with the upcoming challenges and opportunities of the future. The symposium on the topic of future oriented architecture refers to them and provides insight into the mindset of experts in the context of a discussion

Astrid Piber

UNstudio Partner

Astrid Piber presented her idea of “Future Proofing Design” in her key note.

“Designing for the future means making the user central. By starting from the human perspective, architecture and technology can advance our built environment and create better places for people to live, work and engage with.“

Photo: © Inga Powilleit

Our other speakers gave us insights to cutting edge building techniques and provide food for thought when talking about how we navigate between sustainability, durability and modern technology in buildings.

Job Floris


“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.” (Originally a quote of Gustav Mahler)

Photo: © Maarten Kools

Nitesh Magdani

Royal BAM Group

“The issues of resource scarcity on our planet is one of the primary focuses of sustainability. Enabling a ‘Resource positive’ future starts with having the right information at hand, but also encouraging the whole value chain to work together.”

Casey Rutland

Royal HaskoningDHV

“I am a passionate advocate for encouraging future generations of the industry.”

Photo: © Uwe Strasser

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