Atlas House

Category Winner Feeling at Home

South side with entrance, Atlas House black and white, single-family house with facing bricks, Brick Award 2018 Winner Categoy "Feeling at home", Monadnok, Photo: Stijn Bollaert

Key facts

Atlas House

Architects   MONADNOCK, The Netherlands

Location   Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Construction period   2015-2016

Nomination category   Feeling at Home

Purpose   Private house

Brick type   Facing bricks

Photo: © Stijn Bollaert


About the project

Situated on the edge of a typical suburban de­velopment in Eindhoven, this house with a gar­den blends at first sight into its surroundings, meeting the local building code for white, cubic houses. However, on closer inspection, the house re­veals a refined play of mass and material that chal­lenges all conventions. The building rises in a single gesture to the maximum allowed building height; the abrupt subtle curved-roof ending gives the impression of a load being taken off the top of the house, leaving a sturdy figure behind in its new sur­roundings. Hence its name: Atlas House.


Built in the simplest construction materials, the Atlas House displays a perfect control over the application of materials. The building is constructed with red bricks with rough, outpouring joints. While leaving the red bricks visible in the lower part of the building, the top is held a light color.

"The brick in this house plays an ambivalent role – on one hand it´s a very conventional material, everybody knows how to deal with it, and on the other hand you can do things with it that are controversial." Sandor Naus, Monadnock 

Since the finish of the house outside and insides is minimal, it leaves the standard building products from which the house is constructed visible.

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