Brick Award 24 Symposium Speaker Gabriela Carrillo, Taller Carrillo
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Gabriela Carrillo


Gabriela Carrillo started her eponymous Studio in 2019, as a collaborative and interdisciplinary space for architectural work. She is a co-founder of Colectivo C733, dedicated to developing public projects in Mexico. Previously, she was a partner at Taller Rocha Carrillo for over nine years. With over twenty years of experience, she has received numerous accolades, including the Emerging Voices Award in 2014, the Federico Mariscal Chair, the highest recognition for professional practice by the Faculty of Architecture at UNAM, and the Médaille d'OR from the French Academy of Architecture. She was named "Architect of the Year" by Architectural Review in London in 2017 and by Architectural Digest Mexico in 2020 and 2023, and was granted The Royal Academy Dorfman Award 2023. Gabriela has also been a member of the National System of Art Creators and since 2021, an academic member of the Academy of Architecture of Mexico, Mexico City chapter.
Gabriela Carrillo has been an academic at the Faculty of Architecture, UNAM, since 2003, and she currently leads the research and graduation seminar Estudio RX. She has taught at prestigious institutions such as Harvard GSD, Kent State University, and the WAVE program in Venice, Italy, among others. Her work has been exhibited and honored in various national and international biennials, and featured in renowned publications like Domus, Casabella, Arquitectura Viva, and Architectural Review, among others.
Taller Gabriela Carrillo
Taller Gabriela Carrillo is a space dedicated to collaborative and interdisciplinary practices, comprising a team of architects who strongly believe in the potential of architectural work and embrace the richness of diversity. Our main strategies for creating architectural proposals, across various scales, revolve around observation, recognition, and utmost respect for the territory. We seek to provoke and deliver spatial delight while deeply valuing intelligence, sensitivity, and the use of all senses in the construction of good architecture, sometimes achieved through seemingly small actions. We view our clients as complicit partners, sharing a firm belief that our architectural endeavors touch upon social, political, and ecological realms within the planet we inhabit. Theory, practice, research, and the processes themselves serve as the tools for constructing ideas centered on spatial interventions.
Our work spans public and private projects throughout the country, always guided by a local and global vision across various typologies.