Brick Award 24 Architecture Symposium

 June 7, 2024

Sustainable horizons: Advancing architecture through scalable innovations

The building sector is currently responsible for about more than a third of global greenhouse gas emissions. With a new area the size of Paris under development around the globe every week, radical change is necessary. Materials that exist already should take priority through reconstruction, refurbishment or repurposing.
A shift toward regenerative material use, ethically produced, low-carbon earth and bio-based building materials is urgently needed. This paradigm shift requires innovative scalable solutions across the field of architecture.
The symposium takes a closer look at this development from the scale of landscape architecture and urban development to affordable housing. Presenting thought-provoking ideas, visions and projects to spark discussions on the challenges the world of architecture are currently facing and the innovative, scalable solutions necessary to build a sustainable future for all.

Our Speakers

© Tatjana Mereilles
Jennifer Beningfield

Jennifer Beningfield (UK), architect and founder of openstudio architects. Her work reflects interest in collaboration, research and landscape, as well as sustainable design strategies, materials and technologies.

© Olga Laris
Gabriela Carrillo

Gabriela Carrillo (MX), architect, founder of her studio Taller Gabriela Carrillo, co-founder of Colectivo C733. Her work focuses on public projects and their capacity to increase the well-being of entire communities.

© Büro Jantzen
Jens Linnet

Jens Linnet (DK), is landscape architect and co-founder of BOGL. He designs visionary, realizable, and sustainable scenarios for the future.  

© Iameverything
Boonserm Premthada

Boonserm Premthada (TH), architect and founder of his studio Bangkok Project Studio is.creator Elephant World, a massive brick-based complex that guarantees the ethical treatment of animals and a steady income for the community that hosts it.

Our Moderator

© HallemarHejdelind
Veronica Hejdelind

Veronica Hejdelind (SE), is art historian, founder and head of HallemarHejdelind. Working interationally in producing exhibitions, texts and lecturing for different target groups. She works with architecture, urban development and social issues connected to it with a particular focus on children's right to the city, active mobility and housing policy.

Impressions from the Symposium

Leyton House. Brick Award 22 Category "Feeling at home". McMahon Architecture. Internal view of kitchen towards main external brick elevation
© Fernando Manoso

Architecture: Connecting Nature and Culture