Brick Award 24 Moderator Veronica Hejdelind
© HallemarHejdelind

Veronica Hejdelind

Veronica has a background as an art historian. The time as curator at the National Museum and Public Manager at ArkDes gave her more than ten years of experience in producing exhibitions, texts, audio guides and lectures for different target groups. 
Since 2015, she has worked with architecture, urban development and social issues connected to it with a particular focus on children's right to the city, active mobility and housing policy. Among other things as a project manager at Utopia arkitekter and as director of operations for the Arwidsson Foundation where she, among other things, developed the platform Arwidsson Talks, established the Olle Bengtzon prize and the Arwidsson professorship in collaboration with KTH. 
Her moderation experience is on a very broad and international level such as Creating green citiex for Swedish Goverment Offices and Ministry of Rural affairs; Sweden Architects sustainability seminar, Nordic conference on Greener, Healthier and Resilient Cities.
In recent years, she has worked on assignments for the Government Office, Uppsala Municipality, Region Uppsala, ÖBO (Örebro Bostäder), Stil i P1.