Brick Award 24 Symposium Speaker Jens Linnet
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Jens Linnet

Jens Linnet is co-founder and Creative Director of design studio BOGL. Through his more than 15 years of experience as a landscape architect, Jens has developed a particular ability to create vivid, beautiful, and functional urban and landscape spaces that take their departure in the particular qualities and resources of the surroundings. He designs visionary and realizable scenarios for the future, all of which promote life and prioritize everyday usage. It is important to Jens that the projects are sustainable and will continue to be useful for years to come – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Jens uses his particular gift for concept development in the role as
Creative Director. With his analytical style, eye for details and ability to relate, he manages to create holistic, functional and aesthetic landscape projects. Furthermore, he uses these qualities to ensure an open dialogue and involvement of users and stakeholders in order to ensure that the projects work for the people who will be utilizing them. In the work with other professions, Jens’ curiosity and quality consciousness extends to colleagues and partners and ensures captivating results.
Jens has experience with a wide variety of project types spanning from parks to planning to protected areas. In recent years he has focused on climate adaptation – both in cities and coastal areas – and the posibilities of working with recycled and -used materials. Jens believe that it is time to do things differently, while always work in the service of beauty. According to Jens, beauty can be transformative and is the result when you craft with care. Beauty exists when we choose carefully, when we pick materials, which are durable, and plants, which can thrive.
A beautiful space is one that people want to visit and revisit – making a neighbourhood and its neighbours feel cared for. Shifting our ideas of a beautiful project is the rst step. Another step can be rethinking rules and regulations to make it possible to work with recycled materials in everything from waste containment to pavement. In short, Jens believe, that all architectural projects should bring positive change, while improving the quality of everyday life for the people using it.