Terra Cotta Studio

Category Winner Working Together

Terra Cotta Studio black and white; Brick Award 2018 Category Winner Category "Working Together"; Tropical Space, Photo:  Oki Hiroyuki

Key facts

Terra Cotta Studio

Architects   Tropical Space, Vietnam

Location   Dien Phuong, Vietnam

Construction period   02/2016 - 06/2016

Nomination category   Working Together

Purpose   Studio

Brick type   Solid bricks

Photo: © Oki Hiroyuki


About the project

The Terra Cotta Studio is a brick cube at the foot of the Thu Bon River. Its unusual façade perfo­ration attracts attention at first glance. Each lateral surface is respectively divided into 36 fields, which in turn are bricked in various bonds and allow different amounts of light and air to pass through in this way. In the rainy season, the nearby river can reach up to the house, therefore the finished artworks rest a few meters above the studio place in bam­boo shelves, unaffected by the water.


Terra Cotta Studio is a place of concentration and creative abandon. It is a gift to the artist, but also to all those who yearn for a beautiful encounter with the material of clay, which is extensively celebrated here. An entire microcosm was created with very low construction costs.

“On one hand, the separating layer made of brick creates a certain privacy for the artist, on the other hand, the bricks allow some of the wind to blow through so that you get a natural breeze cooled by the river.” - Tran Thi Ngu Ngon, Tropical Space 

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